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Access to the page is through: http://www.qchsag.ca/

The initial screen you will see is actually our call schedule in calendar format. You can change from month-to-month using the arrows at the header of the calendar. NOTE: This calendar, with last names only, is open to the public. I have done it this way to allow read-only users (such as the call centre) to have quick and easy access to our schedule. A user has to log on to find out more personal information and make changes to the schedule.


Along the left-hand side of the screen is a login option. Login is user specific and has been set as a default to your last name in small cases. Password is case-sensitive. Please change your password at your initial login.

Once you have logged in this will be stated in the upper-left corner. There is also a logout. Please make sure you use this when using a public computer.

Navigation Panel

To continue with the left-side navigation panel, other options include:
  • Edit Profile — where you can update your contact information and can select email options
  • Calendar &mdash pages which are currently displaying the same information, the call schedule
  • Subscribe &mdash transfer and synchronize your list of calls with an external calendar program
  • Availability &mdash enter your shift availability for future scheduling
  • Changes&mdash a summary of changes made to calls and by whom
  • Users&mdash a summary of contact information of all the users of this webpage
  • Contact&mdash links to myself and the webmaster

Edit Profile

Contact Information

Click on Edit Profile to change your password and add contact info. Your email is already entered into your profile. You may change it to another email address at any time but having a valid email is key to the functioning of this webpage. Please enter your phone numbers with which you prefer to be contacted by our group. You may leave this blank if you prefer but this can be helpful information. Any information you put here is accessible only by someone with a login.

Weekly Availability

These settings allow you to specify what days you normally are available before scheduling is performed. Individual day settings may be tweeked via the availability page

Scheduling Preferences

These settings allow you to indicate to the scheduler your preferences. Telling the scheduler about preferences you do not care about will give it more freedom to take into account the things you do care about.

Desired number of units per month
Specify how often you would like to be scheduled. As many as possible currently means almost 3 weekdays or 2 weekends a month. Once a month indicates about 1 weekend per month or slightly more than one weekday per month.
Ensure shifs are at least 2 weeks apart
This allows you to indicate how important it is to you that shifts are spaced relatively evenly across the scheduling period
Ensure a fair share of weekend/weekday/holiday shifts
People who indicate that they are available for unpopular shifts may end up getting scheduled exclusively for these shifts. By indicating what types of shifts are important to you, the system can allocate shifts more fairly.

Email Preferences

There are two options for email notifications. All of these, or none, can be selected depending on your interest. The first option indicates whether you will receive emails when somebody requests a new call change. The second option will send you email when a new assistant has been assigned to a call.

New comments and offers that have been added to an open call change will only be sent to those affected by the call change as well as those who have commented on the call change.

Please hit Update at the bottom of the page any time you have made a change to your profile.


Now that you have updated your profile, you may click Calendar to take you to the call schedule. If you click on a particular shift, it will bring up another screen that states who is on call and gives contact information. It also states the unit value of that call. Along the bottom are three further options:

  • Open a new call change request
  • Assign a new doctor
  • Return to calendar

Open a new call change request

Use this option if you cannot do your call and you wish to approach the group for a replacement. There is a comment section which allows you to state if you wish to trade or give-away, etc. Hit Create and an email will be sent to the members of the group who have requested this email option. The email will have an URL link for those interested in offering to cover the call that they can follow or they can go directly to that date in the calendar.

Comment on a change request

Any dates highlighted in red have outstanding call change requests. At the moment, you make offers to cover the call by adding New Comments to a Change Request and hitting Submit Comment. These comments will be mailed to anyone involved in that call change (i.e. the original doctor, and anyone else who has made a comment).

Choose replacement Doctor

If the original MD scheduled for that day decides to accept one of the offers, he/she will Choose Replacement Doctor from the Call change request window. There is a drop-down menu to select the new Doctor. Click Confirm Change which will send an email to those involved in the call (as long at this email option was selected in their profile). Emails will also be sent to the QCH Call Centre and OR Front Desk. If everything works smoothly, there should be no need for changers/changees to notify anyone else of call switches. However, during the initial period of adjustment, if you make a change within the current calendar month, please inform the OR directly.

Assign a new Doctor

A Replacement Doctor can be chosen without opening a change request. Just click on the date for the change and go directly to Choose replacement Doctor link. This is particularly useful for when a Change Request results in a trade.


If you have a call change request open and have not received any satisfactory offers after a significant period of time, you may send a reminder email. To do so, you may click on the day in the calendar and then click on Resend Request to Group. This will then give you an opportunity to add a comment and resend the change request.



This page allows you to update your availability prior to shift scheduling. Each day contains to availabilities -- the top availability is your availability for regular shifts, the bottom is for OB shifts.

Notice that there is an additional choice availalable on this screen: Top Choice.

Bulk Adjustments

At the bottom of the calendar, there is a link that allows you to make bulk adjustments. This is useful for entering a long vacation.

Bulk adjustments also add a reset to default option. This allows changes the availability settings for the range back to what the weekly preferences have been set to in your user preferences.

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